La Celebración de la Música ¿Qué hacemos con 2500 tubos y un poco de aire? El país de la Música
La excepcional Historia de la Guitarra Tarra Los Rocanrolitos El Carnaval de los animales y otras travesuras musicales

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ARVAL PRODUCCIONES S.L. was founded in 2001 by reputed experts and businessmen well known in the cultural management sector. With over 20 years of professional experience in cultural management and music production in the private and public sectors, this team is the key of our success.

The company is dedicated to the production of pedagogic and didactic concerts created for scholars and university pupils, as well as to the organisation of regional and international events.

In the last years the company has specialised in the creation of a Wide variety of formats of pedagogic concerts which fill the need of creation and training of new kinas of audiences.

Nowadays we have premiered more than 10 pedagogic concerts in the Canary Islands, Mexico and Greece, all of them created for a wide range of audiences (See "Gallery" and "Press Releases" for details). In sum more than 150,000 have already enjoyed the "Arval Music Experience".

The characteristics and the accuracy of the musical and pedagogical methods of our concerts make them effective and participative, so kids can really get involved in Music with capital "M".

At the same time, our company is also focused in cultural management, and we have a wide experienced team dedicated to the creation and management of new audiences and to the development and production of concerts. We have telephone booking service, hostess, coordinators, etc...


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