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Pedagogic concerts

The Crazy Pianos

Personaje de la obraThe piano is an instrument very familiar to all of us but which has a sound and musical possibilities pretty unknown for the little kids.
The understanding of this singular instrument is the understanding of many years of the history of the music, as almost all the composers wrote pieces for it, and not only "solo" pieces, but also pieces which integrated it into the orchestra.

The possibilities of the piano inherited from a singular evolution during the centuries have turned this instrument into a resource used in all the musical environments we can find nowadays; from the musical school to musical conservatories and concert rooms all over the world.

This unique concert wants to show the endless possibilities of this instrument as a box full of feelings: joy, sadness, movement, etc.
However and because of the age to which this concert is aimed, the concert explores just three main feelings: joy, sadness and evocation.
We understand evocation as the capacity of each pupil of imagining things through the perception of this/her own experience.

Ilustración de Anu JatoWe hope this will be an enrichening experience for all the pupils and we hope it will be a help for their teachers to explore in the lessons the diffrent pedagogical objectives of music as a school subject.

Artistic file

Original idea and plot: Arval Producciones
Director and dialogues adaptation: Chago Rodríguez
Story Teller: Julián Torres Balbuena
Elf: Leo Medina
Mime: Elena Dolgikh
Puppet: Elena Quintana Ramos
Collaboration: Aula de Teatro de Santa Brígida
Piano Players: José María Curbelo and Oliver Curbelo
Light and sound: Carlos García Ojeda y Fundación Auditorio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Production: María Sarmiento y Fundación Auditorio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Atrezzo and costumes:: G.C. Diseños y Comunicación.

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