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Pedagogic concerts

The Rebellion of the Instruments

Ilustración de Anu JatoThe instruments of the orchestra with their different types (chord, wind and percussion) are generally known, but not in a direct and close way, but as part of the whole of the orchestra.
The different instruments have different sounds and pitches and that make them peculiar in their own way. In fact the violin and the violoncello, apart from being chord instruments, have their own characteristics that make them unique as instruments for solo or as part of any kina of musical group (duets, quartets, etc.).

In "The Rebellion of the Instruments" they are alive and they have their own personalities which they explain to the kids, and make them discover a world of sensations which makes them experiment many different feelings: happiness, sadness, loneliness, etc..

Through this original story and through the fantasy of the kids a whole new universe is explored by the hand of a character called "Chincheta" who shows the instruments one by one in a different way, making the kids feel part of the story with their contribution to rhythms and melodies.

Ilustración de Anu JatoThe aim is to get into kids’ hearts in order to make them share from their sensibility the living for the chord instruments and in order to make them part of a wide and rich world of sounds. This will make kids know a world of different sensations and states of mind. In sum we try to make kids use music as an integral part of their whole education.

Artistic file

Original idea and plot: Gregorio Afonso Santana
Director : Chago Rodríguez
Alfredo the Puppet Maker: Julián Tores Valbuena
Chincheta: Alexia Rodríguez Elías
Puppets: Compañía de Títeres Barullo. Julián Torres Valbuena y Efigenia Sánchez Armas

Classic Quartet of the Symphonic Orchestra of Las Palmas:

  • Anatoli Romanov, first violin
  • Rubén Sánchez, ssecond violin
  • Martha Herreros, viola
  • Juan Pablo Alemán, violoncelo

Light and sound: José María Jerez and Auditorio Alfredo Kraus.
Costumes and atrezzo: G.C. Diseños y Comunicación.
Production: Elena Vázquez and Auditorio Alfredo Kraus.

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