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La excepcional Historia de la Guitarra Tarra Los Rocanrolitos El Carnaval de los animales y otras travesuras musicales

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Pedagogic concerts

The Story of The Guitar "Tarra"

Gutarra Tarra The Story of the Guitar “Tarra” is a fun production where different didactic resources such as live music, drama, dance and images are mixed so kids can learn in an interactive an direct way the evolution of the guitar since its invention to nowadays.

It is a trip through the dream of a child who gets fast asleep after founding an old guitar in the basement of his house. What the child did not know was that the guitar was left there by a fairy.

Ilustración de Anu Jato Through the use of different scenic and musical resources, kids will learn different rhythms and they will be part during an hour of a very participative, joyful and exciting experience.

Artistic file

Production: Áfisos Producciones S.L.

Production Assistant: Nayra Medina

Light and sound: José María Jeréz and Francisco Hdez. Salas

Thanks to: Lothas Siemens Hernández, Conrado Álvarez, Álvaro Afonso Dávila

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