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Pedagogic concerts

Mozart, Sabina and ...

Dibujo MozartThis is a fun production where different didactic resources such as live music, drama, dance and images are mixed.

We try to capture the audience in order to make them part of what is going on in the scenario through the tales of two Muses and funny situations.

Dibujo SabinaIn the scenario we see Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joaquín Sabina (a Spanish musician) who share with the audience their particular lifestyles, their view of contemporary events and their music, always from a critical point of view..

Through this original plot, pupils get close o two of the most important musicians of all times and they become curious and critic about them.

Undoubtedly it is a good experience to get closet o Mozart without prejudices.

Artistic File

Original idea and plot: Gregorio Afonso Santana
Director: Chago Rodríguez
Mozart: Javier Coballo
Sabina: Antonio Brito
Mozart’s Muse: Leo Medina
Sabina’s Muse: Nayra O. Medina

Modern Music Orchestra:

  • Paco Marín, guitar and arrangements
  • Carlos Teja, keyboards
  • Alfredo Sánchez, drums
  • Guillermo Chávez, base
Classic Quartet of the Symphonic Orchestra of Las Palmas: :
  • Anatoli Romanov, first violin
  • Rubén Sánchez, second violin
  • Martha Herreros, viola
  • Juan Pablo Alemán, violoncelo

Light and sound: José María Jerez and Auditorio Alfredo Kraus.
Costumes and atrezzo: G.C. Diseños y Comunicación.
Production: Elena Vázquez y Auditorio Alfredo Kraus.

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